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Hey hey, look who's on WordPress!

So the hold-up this whole time has been that whenever I tried to export my LJ over to WordPress, it would multiply the comments by a factor of about 800 -- which, when I have ~1,300 comments to start with, isn't even feasible to go back and fix manually. It looked like my only option was to export it without comments, which was really disappointing, because oftentimes the fun stuff is not just in the post itself but in the discussion that ensued. I didn't want to lose that, but, well, shou ga nai. It was time to bite the bullet and move myself to a blogging platform that I wasn't embarrassed to mention in polite company.

Fire up my web hosting control panel. Install WordPress. Install LJ-importing tool. Activate. Zone out. WHOA FUCK, IT'S STARTING TO IMPORT COMMENTS, I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO DO THAT, BACK BACK, ABORT ABORT. This after it had loaded "batch 1 out of 5" of comments, and had started on the second one.

...and guys, I got it. Batch 1 was my damn comments. Batches 2-5 are the duplicates. I caught it before it could re-import them a bajillion times, meaning I am on WordPress, with all my entries, with all my comments!! (Granted, imported comments don't seem to be threading properly, but I'll take this as a victory anyhow.)

So here I am! Not quite done moving yet, as I'm having a weirdly difficult time finding a WP theme that meets all my needs. (Like why does gd EVERYONE want to blanket-italicize blockquotes?? I'm quoting excerpts from books, you idjits, the formatting is non-negligible.) (Or worse, what my otherwise-favorite of the lot does, which is put blockquotes in ~quirky~ comics sans-esque font that is twice the size of the surrounding text. It is eye-searing. If anyone knows how to edit a WP theme, please please to share the secret with me. I am usually pretty good with computers, but web-applications are my nemesis.)

Anyway, the dust hasn't finished settling yet, but I am finally making this move and that's where I'll be. New comments should be directed over there, because this LJ is going moribund pretty soon, but I'll let y'all know when it's been abandoned for good.